Pi Guitars

Pi Guitars

We welcome you to come and volunteer with Pi Guitars, where we build the finest quality guitars, using recycled and locally source wood, handmade Bare-Knuckle pickups and top-class hardware.

Over the years the musical instrument industry has been partially responsible for the destruction of the world’s rain forests. So, our guitars are made completely from recycled and locally sourced timber.

An increasing number of people struggle with anxiety and their mental health. So, whilst building guitars in our community workshop, we simultaneously build confidence, self-belief and transferable skills in all our volunteers.

The project has been funded by sponsorship and grants. The cost to sponsor a guitar is £1,000 and we laser etch a company or personal message the back of the guitar. The guitars are then donated to community projects which support mental health and wellbeing. You can also buy one of our guitars or commission a guitar to be made out of your own special wood - see the gallery to find out whats available. Please call Pam on 07971 737626 to find out more.

Also see our instagram page for up to date information pi_guitars .

So far we have donated guitars to:

  • Stroud College

  • A music therapist who works with young people

  • Gloucester Music Works x 2

  • Changing Tunes at Leyhill Prison and Eastwood Park Prison

  • Nelsons Trust, helping people with addictions